Mr. Umit Cevik who was commenced his commercial activities as an entrepreneur first in 2007 by his first establishement under the name of 26MART TRADING, has been founded MAJOR SHIPPING AND TRADING LTD CO. in 2012 as a butique family corporate.

Under the experience more than 28 years, the service spectrum has been reached uptoday by the services of ships chartering and brokering, pre-carriages and the controlling of port handling operations, the organisations of sea container and roadway transports internationally and product-market researchements for suppying services of commodities as commodity broker or trader.

More than 20000 tons of pallettized and 60000 tons of bulk dry cargoes which was exported from Mersin port had been carried by cargo ships under the organisation of Major Shipping on its first years of establishement. More than 10000 tons of mining minerals and 20000 tons of agricultural dry bulk cargoes had been gathered to Mersin port by Major Shipping through organised and controlled all steps of transfers.

Major Shipping has been leading its clients which was not have experienced in the fields of international trade for exporting of their products. So, determinations of the target markets, sales-marketing activities in those target markets and organising of the all logistics aspects by the behaving such as their external relevant department has been realised on behalf of its clients during such those services specifically.

Further, Major Shipping has been supported as much as appreciated to its some specific clients to have innovated on enhancing of product spectrum as per requirements of the target markets by providing a consultation service through the brand registery and advertorial functions.


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