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MAJOR SHIPPING AND TRADING CO.LTD. has got 3 main functions in the service industry.


We’ve been providing global trading services in accordance with the clients’ requirements especially on 3 basic segments that are products, services and markets. Actual kinds of goods that we are dealing on which has been covering by this function are as the followings but not limited only with those.

*DRY FOODS : We provide many kinds of products in agricultural foods such like pulses, grains, cereals, fruits and nuts in accordance with the demands of our clients both in and out of Turkey.

*MINING MINERALS: We provide many kinds of products direct from quarries of different mines in Turkey to meet raw material demands of our clients such like kaolen, gypsum, agregates, dolomits, marble chips, marbles, travertines and pozzalone in accordance with the demands of our clients both in and out of Turkey.

*CONTSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS: We provide many kinds of products direct from producers of different materials both in and out of Turkey to meet demands of our clients such like cement, gypsum powder, plasterboards, marble tiles and slabs, stealdoors, interior doors, mdf panels and furnitures in accordance with the demands of our clients both in and out of Turkey.



Chartering activities relates to the worldwide conventional cargo ships. Within 28 years of experience, company has got reputable skill on chartering operations of dry, drybulk, mpp, container and roro cargo ships upto handysize. Major Shipping acts to his clients as both shipbroker and chartering operator accordingly. Actually, the following 3 segments are the basic content headers of this function.

*DRY AND BULK : As an experienced chartering operator of the ships, this service is the most competitive one in our all services.

*HEAVY-LIFT CARGOES: We've providing the best proper heavy-lifter to our clients in accordance with relevant effective optimisation parameters for the heavy goods out of standarts.

*RO/RO : We serve to our clients for their wheeled or non-wheeled cargoes to carry in a safe and fast delivery principal.



Freight Forwarding activities of the company has been continuing based on containerized carriage organisations for exported goods from Turkish seaports and imported goods as well. Actually, the following 2 segments are the basic headers of this function.

*OCEAN FREIGHTS (CONTAINERS) : We provide regular container services to our clients via alternative shipping lines regularly. Due to a strict company policy, we gives 7/24 focused services to each clients personally as per their special customer representative in a private logistics department as such like integrated to their organizations externally.

*ROADWAY TRANSPORTS: We have perfected our roadway service to ensure complete professionalism at every stage. When you require critical parts for whether partial or full shipments from Turkey to any final destinations scheduled by express trucks into Europe, CIS countries or Middle East we are ready to serve you here. Our Road Freight team gets the job done on time, every time.



Specialties of the company staffs are spreading as of Freight Forwarder, Container Shipments Executer, Roadway Transporter, Logistics Solutions Mentor, Cargo Ships’ Broker, Chartering Operator, Cargo Ships Manager and International Commodity Trader. 

MAJOR Shipping and Trading Co is a small size family business company which has owned by Mr Umit Cevik and Mrs Inci Cevik.

Mr Umit Cevik is a maritime professional with his 26 years of experience in the fields of maritime and international trade. He has got a wide spectrum of knowledge based on the administration, management and sales&marketing that relates on both goods and services. Mrs Inci Cevik experienced 21 years in the container shipping industry. She was worked as marketing and sales executive in a Turkish container lines for 10 years and has been working as sales&marketing manager in our forwarding division since 9 years.

MAJOR SHIPPING has got reasonable potential to growing up on its main functions and very expansible with its high supportive dynamism, energy, growth enthusiasm, age, reputation and database through training up additional staffs which may be manned on necessary positions accordingly. Philosophy of progress by digesting is the uniqe sentence to explain the basic principal of the company owners.

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